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Shave Secret Shaving Oil provides what we believe is the most comfortable, smooth and close shave ever! It dramatically reduces shaving rashes, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Shaving bikini lines is a breeze. Shave Secret takes the place of all shave creams, soaps and gels. Shave Secret can be used in place of aftershave lotions, moisturizers and after shave balms.

Shave Secret is a 100% natural proprietary blend of multiple seed and nut base oils (no peanut), steam distilled essential oils, pharmaceutical grade menthol and vanilla tea oil. The base oils are high in emollients that calm, soothe and nourish to replenish the moisture in your skin. The European and Indonesian essential oils used are of the highest quality and not blends of lesser grade oils and have absolutely no fillers. The essential oils are blended in the proper dilution into the base oils to provide enhanced comfort and protection for your skin. 

How to use Shave Secret: Prepare the area to be shaved as normal in the shower or out. Apply 3-5 drops into a moist palm and massage the palms together to disperse. Then massage the palms into the area to be shaved. Re-wet your skin, rinse your razor and shave as normal. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure as you can irritate the skin by shaving off too much of the top epidural (skin) layer. Once you have gotten used to shaving with Shave Secret you can adjust how much pressure to use while shaving.   Rinse your razor often to help prevent clogging. If you feel any razor drag, add more water. Not more Shave Secret.

We find that if you apply Shave Secret and wait a minute letting the oils and moisture soak the beard, you might even get a closer more comfortable shave. This is not required but it does work if you have the time.

Shave Secret can be used with an electric razor too. Just use 1 or 2 drops into palm, massage and shave as usual.

Once you have finished your shave in the shower or out, there is no need to rinse. There’s no soapy goop to rinse! Just a nice, clean, smoothly shaved area to towel dry. Apply several drops afterwards for more conditioning and moisturizing benefits.


Why shaving oil? When you want to reduce friction on any surface, you use a lubricant to create less drag. With less razor drag there is less chance of nicks, cuts and rashes. Your beard no matter where it is, is like uncooked pasta. Hard and brittle. The oils soak into the hair which fattens and softens them. Like well cooked pasta this leads to less tensile strength thus allowing the razor to cut more easily. The oils help prevent the rusting and pitting of the blades which will make your blades last longer. In normal shaving soaps, most contain some form of salt which corrodes and rusts the blade.

Shave Secret can be used around facial hair for better trim lines as you can see where you are cutting by not covering with soap. Fade lines, hair lines, bikini lines you can trim with confidence.