Call us at 361-275-9464 or email us at shaveking@usakingscrossing.com with your specific allergy concerns (ie: peanut, almond, etc).  PLEASE BE SPECIFIC!  As soon as we have the opportunity, we will respond to your specific allergy concern.  If anything is questionable, always perform a test patch on your forearm with a little bit of Shave Secret.
Can I and how do I shave using Shave Secret with an Electric Razor?  

ANSWER:  YES!!! To use Shave Secret with an electric razor, simply prep your face as normal for any electric shaver.  Place 1-3 drops of Shave Secret into a moist palm, then massage into the skin.  Shave as normal. Be sure to maintain your razor head by cleaning with a brush after each use.  We recommend an old toothbrush or equivalent.

ANSWER: Wal-Mart Super Centers nationwide, Navy Exchanges worldwide, H.E.B Grocery chain in Texas, Schnuck Markets, Wegman's and Giant Eagle. 

Why is Shave Secret no longer in my Wal-Mart? 

ANSWER: Your Wal-Mart could just be out of stock, sometimes it takes 14 days to re-stock once inventory is depleted.

Are there any plans for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) to sell Shave Secret?

ANSWER: We have been trying to work with AAFES since 1995. In 2006, AAFES approved Shave Secret but a new buyer did not follow through on a prior commitment. 


Why is the cost of Shave Secret lower at Wal-Mart? 

ANSWER: Shipping, handling and administrative costs are all inclusive in price.

What are the ingredients in Shave Secret? 

ANSWER: A proprietary blend of base oils (cold pressed seed and nut oils), essential oils, RX grade menthol and natural fragrance oil.


What is the difference between Shave Secret and Shave Deluxe? 

ANSWER: Both have the same base blend but Shave Deluxe has two additional high quality cold pressed nut oils which have high emollient qualities to moisturize and condition. 


Can I use Shave Secret as an aftershave? 

ANSWER: Absolutely!


Could you, or do you make this product in any other scent? 



Why do you sell this in such a tiny container? 

ANSWER: A small amount of Shave Secret goes a long way. 


What is the shelf life of a bottle of Shave Secret and will the oil go rancid or bad in any way 

ANSWER: Over time, all base oils will go rancid and sometimes change color due to oxidation.  It will not affect the performance. We use no preservatives or stabilizers. We do recommend to keep it out of extreme heat and direct sunlight.


The color is different is thinner, did you change the formula? 

ANSWER: Over time it may change color and viscosity due to oxidation as use no preservatives or stabilizers. The fresher the oil the thinner the viscosity.


How does your product (that advertises itself as a cream and soap replacement) compare to other shave oils that market themselves as pre shaves before soaps and creams. 

ANSWER: Shave Secret is an all inclusive shaving oil that does it all with one application.Our competitors would like for a customer to use both their pre-shaving oil and their soaps to increase sales. If they had a really fine shaving oil you would not need soaps, creams or gels.

Can you send me a sample of Shave Secret? 

ANSWER: No. It’s cost prohibitive.


Do you have coupons for your product? 

ANSWER: Periodically. We send out email blasts with coupon codes.


ANSWER: In order to secure this information you must be a qualified wholesale customer. 


How do I go about establishing a wholesale account with you all? 

ANSWER: Direct your efforts to our “Wholesale” tab.