Deluxe Body Balm 10 ml - 8 PACK

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Deluxe Body Balm

A multi-use balm of base and essential oils designed to condition and moisturize dry skin, feet (diabetic or normal) elbows, hands, cuticles, bald head, sunburn, itching, beard and mustache, shaving and more.

Deluxe Body Balm provides long lasting relief for chapped lips, dry hands, elbows and cuticles. Feet, diabetic or normal, are provided with overnight relief from cracking heals and scaly skin.  Apply to sunburned or wind burned skin to calm and moisturize. Takes the burn right out unless you have severely burned your skin. You might need to seek medical attention. Chapped lips-we think there is nothing better.

Deluxe Body Balm is a proprietary compound of multiple seed and nut base oils (no peanut), steam distilled essential oils, pharmaceutical grade menthol, vanilla tea oil and cosmetic grade paraffin. The base oils are high in emollients that calm, soothe and nourish your skin. The European and Indonesian essential oils used are of the highest quality. The essential oils used are not blends of lesser grade oils and have absolutely no fillers. The essential oils are blended in the proper dilution into the base oils to provide enhanced protection for your skin. The pharmaceutical grade menthol starts as solid crystals then melted into liquid which is then slowly blended into the oils. The menthol provides a touch of cooling relief to the skin and opens up the breathing pathways. The cosmetic grade paraffin is slowly dissolved as it is heated with the oils to a temperature below boiling. Once the desired time and temperature has been reached and the reaction is completed, it is then cooled ready for use. 

As with many skin conditioners and moisturizing creams, Deluxe Body Balm contains NO WATER OR ALCOHOL which dries the skin. Check your skin care products and you may find water is the first ingredient. Alcohol also is common and is a drying agent. You are always reaching for more to reapply because your relief was temporary. 

Any place you have dry, cracked, flakey skin, Deluxe Body Balm we believe will provide you with long lasting soothing relief for your skin.