Shave Secret CBD Shave Oil 4 PACK

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size: 5.00 W × 7.00 H × 2.00 L


CBD ( Cannabidiol) is thought to be one of the greatest natural inflammation fighters known to modern medicine. Simply put, Cannabinoid / Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant removing the THC element (the ingredient that induces a “high” euphoric feeling) leaving only the medicinal qualities of the hemp plant.

CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD in a powder form that is blended into our Shave Secret formulation by gentle agitation at a dilution rate similar to that of the powerful essential oils used in Shave Secret. For those with sensitive skin resulting in red inflamed skin or bumps after shaving, Shave Secret with CBD could be the answer to further reducing or eliminating the inflammation as a result of blade shaving.

Hemp was used for centuries world-wide to produce fiber rope, cloth, grain flour and more. Hemp was banned in the United States about the same time as Prohibition to alcohol was introduced. When Prohibition was lifted a few short years later, the liquor industry saw to it that hemp remained banned and not a threat to their industry.