Shave Secret - 4 PACK Sticky Fingers Clearance - ***DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY***

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Shave Secret Sticky Fingers Clearance - DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS ITEM



OUR MISTAKE IS YOUR SUCCESS. This one-time special is being offered only to you, our valued and respected on-line customer base. We’re offering 1,150 discontinued Shave Secret bottles that were labeled-not silk screened. As many of you know, the labeling turned out to be a disaster. When the “water proof” label got wet, it slowly peeled off leaving a sticky residue. It was nasty thus the ‘”Sticky Fingers”.

It’s still the same great Shave Secret formula we have used since the 1990’s so you can use it with confidence. You just might have to put up with a slight case of “sticky fingers". If you keep the bottle dry, there is no “sticky finger” problem-only if it gets wet repeatedly. Keep your stash in the fridge or a cool dry place and your Shave Secret will be good for years.

We will sell up to 24 bottles per customer. We appreciate your loyalty and support of Shave Secret.